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About Us

Maria Khairova

Hello, my name is Maria. I was born and raised in Moscow; graduated from Moscow State University, majored in History and English and worked for several years in different international organizations in Russia. I traveled a lot around the world, even lived in Sweden for several years, but I finally found my new home in Croatia.

Zagreb is peaceful and quite in comparisson with Moscow, I like people here, their hospitality and open minds, I love the soft and warm climate of the Mediterranean, their delicious food and wine, and the variety of scenery in Croatia.

Oikumena or Ecumene is a Greek word that means the known, inhabited part of the world. I chose the name for my company because I like to think of our planet as a place for all people, united, without borders.

My work as a translator helps people to understand each other. I have worked as a translator during my adult life, and my experience is a guarantee of quality and accuracy of translations. I usually work with English, Russian and Croatian, but should you need help in Ukrainian language there is no problem organising it. My two colleagues will provide excellent simultaneous, oral and written translations from Ukrainian to Croatian, English or Russian.

I provide translation and interpreters service in Zagreb and around Croatia for the following language pairs







as well as

Ukranian-English and


For many years I’ve worked as a lecturer in Zagreb School of Economics and Management. It is an excellent business school, which provides high quality education. My company Oikumena helps international students (mostly from Russian speaking countries) to apply to become ZSEM students. We provide all necessary assistance, consultations, finding rooms and getting to know Croatia and Zagreb.

For those who want to study in Zagreb, we organize excursions around Croatia. We can show you around this beautiful country and tell you many interesting stories about it.


 We appreciate every comment about this site, and will be happy  to answer all your questions. We may chat on Skype, exchange e-mails or even have a cup of delicious croatian coffee when you’re in Zagreb.

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