Year 2019 was very successful for Oikumena. Really_ we participated in  several interesting projects, organised conferences in Zagreb, helped businesses in Croatia to find partners in Russia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, we taught people languages, we secured strong and friendly contacts for new projects in the future.

In June 2019 Oikumena was one of the main organisers of Days of Moscow in Zagreb. It was a huge cultural event, which included events in different venues and content, such as theatre performances, business conferences, political meetings and exhibitions. Our company provided the whole team of highly professional interpreters, organised all transport, excursions, vtnues for the exhibitions and catering. We worked very hard, it was a tremendous challenge, but we proved that we can do it on the highest level.

In September we were part of the translation team for the Sankt-Petersburg Theatre Seasons. Russian cultural capital brought several plays to Zagreb and we were happy to be a part of it.

Also in September  we worked on a project with delegation from Kazakhstan. Such meetings, trips around Croatia, intensive talks help countries to better understand each other, find mutually interesting projects and establish long-term relationships.

In October we worked as simultaneous english-russian interpreters  during the UN conference on migration in Skopje. It was a chance to work in the professional international environment, with colleagues interpreters from Farsi, Arabic, Macedonian. Great experience!

In November another huge project came to a successful finish: Croatian company repaired and sent back to Russia the diesel engine for the nuclear electric plant. Oikumena provided interpreting and translation in three languages, during commercial negotiations and even the technical ones. It was a challenge also, learning a lot of new technical terms in the site. But now we got a knowledge of how the diesel engine works. 🙂

So, 2019 was interesting and successful, and we hope that new year 2020 will bring us more challenging and exciting new projects.